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Computer Department

U Kyaw Myint Naing (Head of Computer Department )

U Kyaw Myint Naing
MSc (Computer Sciences)
Daw Mar Mar SweAssistant Manager PDCS
Daw Thin Thin HtunAssistant ManagerMSc (Computer Sciences)
Daw Kyi Kyi SanProgrammer  PDCS
 Daw Aye Aye MuProgrammer PDCS
Daw Ni Ni KoBranch Clerk PDCS
Daw Cherry Than   Assistant Programmer PDCS
Daw Tin Myint KyiUD PDCS
U Thet Win HtooUD PDCS

Manager                1

Assistant Manager                2

Programmer         2

Branch Clerk                      1

Assistant Programmer                1

UD                2

Total              =        9


Address   :    Computer Department, Mandalay University of Distance Education Campus, 34th and 80th Streets, Mandalay, Myanmar

Ph           :    (95) - , (95) -

E-mail      :
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