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Department of Oriental Studies


The Professors and Heads in the Department of Oriental Studies of the Mandalay University of Distance Education are as follows:

U Pe San Head (1998-1999)
Dr. Sein Htun Professor and Head (2000-2007)
Daw Thin Thin Aye Head (200-2008)
Dr.Mya Ohn Professor and Head (Now at present since - 2008)

The location of this department is on the second floor of the four-storeyed building at the corner of the 34th and 80th Streets, Mandalay University of Distance Education Campus.

There is Bachelor of Arts class every year in this department.

Mission and vision

The Buddha’s Teachings are recorded in Pali, Prakrit and Sanskrit. The Pali canon is a complete collection of the Buddha’s Teachings and is almost certainly the oldest collection of Buddhist literature available today. To know the Buddha’s Teachings well one has to learn Pali, Prakrit and Sanskrit.

Myanmar culture is based on the Buddhist culture. The Myanmar Buddhists practice the Buddhist virtues actively in their daily lives. The Department of “Oriental Studies” tries to make known the Buddha’s Teachings, history and culture of Buddhism and to encourage the study and practice of the Buddha’s Teachings.

Dr.Mya Ohn(Professor & Head)

Dr.Mya Ohn         
Professor & HeadBA, BA (Hons), MA, PhD (Oriental Studies)
Dr Khin Than NiProfessorBA (Hons), MA, PhD (Oriental Studies)
Daw Myat Myat HtweLecturerBA (Hons), MA (Oriental Studies)
Daw Kay Thwe WinLecturerBA (Hons), MA (Oriental Studies)
Dr Cho MawLecturerBA (Hons), MA, MRes, PhD (Oriental Studies)
Daw Mi Mi KhaingLecturerBA, MA (Oriental Studies)
Daw Yee Yee MyintLecturerBA (Hons), MA (Oriental Studies)
Dr Phyu Phyu KhaingAssistant LecturerBA (Hons), MA, PhD (Oriental Studies)
Daw Thin Thin MuAssistant LecturerBA (Hons), MA (Oriental Studies)
Daw Swe Zin AyeAssistant LecturerBA (Hons), MA (Oriental Studies)
U Htet Myat AungTutorBA (Hons), MA, MRes (Oriental Studies)
Daw Ei NgeTutorBA (Hons), MA(Oriental Studies)

Professors                  2

Lecturers                  5

Assitant Lecturers        3

Tutors                        2

Total              =        12


After completing successfully fourth year’s course, Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree will be provided for Oriental Studies Specialization.


Address   :    Department of Oriental Studies, Mandalay University of Distance Education Campus, 34th and 80th Streets, Mandalay, Myanmar

Ph           :    (95) 9977255864 , (95) 9779222480

E-mail      :
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